This Value Stock Could Yield 20% a Year Without Dividends

This steadily profitable company hasn't raised dividends since 1998, but there's a way to increase your income and enjoy a high yield on this low P/E stock.

by admin | January 16, 2013
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My Favorite Retail Stock to Own for the Long Term

In good times and bad, this underappreciated retailer always finds a way to keep inflating the bottom line.

by James Brumley | January 15, 2013
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These Super-Simple Funds Take The Work Out Of Retirement Investing

Don't have the time -- or desire -- to manage your retirement funds? These funds do it ...

by David Sterman | January 15, 2013
These 2 Stocks Are Proving Short Sellers Wrong

Short sellers expect a drop from these two stocks, but I'm taking the opposite stance. Here's why…

by admin | January 15, 2013
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These Forgotten Stocks are Ready to Take Off...

I've found the best high-yield stocks in this stable but forgotten developed country. Here's why they deserve a serious look...

by Elliott Gue | January 15, 2013
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This Chart is Projecting Double-Digit Returns for This High-Yielding Stock

In addition to a bullish technical outlook and solid fundamentals, it throws off a 7.7% dividend yield in this income-starved environment.

by Melvin Pasternak | January 15, 2013
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This Stock Could be Setting Up for a Breakout to Multi-Year Highs

This small-cap toymaker is on the verge of bullishly breaking through resistance, which could deliver double-digit profits for traders who buy now.

by Deborah O'Malley | January 14, 2013
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How to Profit from "America's Natural Gas Highway"

Forget the natural gas drillers and explorers. This natural gas player has figured out that the front line isn't where you want to be.

by James Brumley | January 14, 2013
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This Stock May Finally Live Up to the Hype and Return Double-Digits

With shares surging on speculation about this company's next move, traders could be in for quick profits in the weeks ahead.

by Jim Woods | January 14, 2013
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This Sector Could Reward Traders With Double-Digit Gains

Apple dragged the technology sector down in the final quarter of 2012, but a revival of the risk-on trade in the new year could send this ETF soaring.

by Jim Woods | January 11, 2013