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An Important Update On Big Blue's Turnaround

This dip may prove to be a good entry point for readers who haven't already bought shares. Here's why...

by Nathan Slaughter | November 05, 2019
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I've Got My Eye On Lithium -- And So Should You

When something is hated and left for dead, you should investigate...

by Jimmy Butts | November 05, 2019
How To Profit From The "Fear Premium" While Others Lose Money

As active traders, we have no problem profiting when stocks decline, as well as when they appreciate. 

by Profitable Trad... | November 04, 2019
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If I Had To Pick Only One Cannabis Stock...

How do you pick the best stock in an emerging, but promising industry like cannabis? Here are some thoughts...

by Brad Briggs | November 04, 2019
How To Evaluate Risk And Reward With Put Options

No discussion of any trading strategy is complete without looking at the potential risk you are undertaking. So today, let's briefly discuss how to evaluate the underlying risk in a put selling trade.

by Profitable Trad... | November 01, 2019
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3 Tips That Are Better Than "Buy-And-Hope"

This won't make me popular, but it's something you need to hear: Buy-and-hold investing is a fallacy.

by Jimmy Butts | November 01, 2019
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This High-Yielder Is Entering The Streaming Wars. Time To Buy?

Hollywood's fortunes may rest on the big screen, but one movie theater chain is making an important move to diversify. Learn more...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 31, 2019
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My Award-Winning Indicator Points To Another Rally. Here's Why...

You may remember that last week I made the case for a market rally of at least 10%. That could easily prove to be conservative. Could we be set up for a 25% gain? 

by Amber Hestla | October 31, 2019
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This Overlooked Stock Could Help Solve The Vaping Crisis

This little-known company may hold the key to a lot of problems the tobacco industry is facing...

by Jimmy Butts | October 30, 2019
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You Won't Believe How Many Stocks Have Lost Money This Year...

The market has done pretty well, but the gains haven't been evenly distributed. Here's why I think the tide may be turning...


by Nathan Slaughter | October 30, 2019