Brad Briggs's picture
An Exclusive Interview With Our No. 1 'Risk' Expert

Avoiding devastating losses is of utmost importance. I'd like to hone in on one of our analysts who's done a better job at this than just about anyone...

by Brad Briggs | January 08, 2019
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3 High-Quality Stocks Marked Down To 'The Nice Price'

Many attractive stocks have been discounted, and they aren't value traps. These are seasoned companies with solid operating histories...

by Adam Fischbaum | January 07, 2019
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Get Paid To Play Defense -- The Easy Way

Covered call options are a great way to enhance income and reduce risk. Not comfortable trading options? That's OK -- there's still a way to participate...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 07, 2019
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3 Sectors To Buy Ahead Of 4Q Earnings

While it's now easier to find value in the market than it was just a few months ago, these three sectors in particular are especially good deals

by Joseph Hogue | January 04, 2019
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The Perfect Way To Protect Your Portfolio In This Market

We may be in a range-bound market. That's perfect for this strategy, which lets you protect your holdings -- and earn extra income...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 04, 2019
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Solid Dividend Payers For 2019

Retirement guru Dennis Miller picks the brain of income investing expert Tim Plaehn. Here's what Plaehn had to say...

by Dennis Miller | January 03, 2019
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It's Official. The Bear Market Is Here... Now What?

The bad news: we're officially in a bear market. The good: we still have the opportunity to make 100%-plus gains from our trades.

by Amber Hestla | January 03, 2019
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5 Musts For The Perfect Retirement Portfolio

Investing for retirement is a game of playing the odds, and true diversification helps keep the odds in your favor. Here's how to diversify...

by David Goodboy | January 02, 2019
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These 6 Stocks Could Be Tomorrow's High-Yield Stars

These stocks don't qualify as "high-yielders" just yet -- but they may very soon. Here's a closer look...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 02, 2019
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3 Stocks The Analysts Got Wrong

Sometimes the analysts are just plain wrong. In fact, playing the contrarian against their picks could help you find opportunities ready for the rebound...

by Joseph Hogue | December 31, 2018