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One Of The Most Powerful Moats You'll Ever Find

These powerful barriers to entry are all around you. You just have to know where to look...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 29, 2019
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The Opportunity (And Pitfalls) Of Cannabis Stocks...

There will be ups and downs as the industry faces the challenges of regulation and competition. The good news: this is all tradable...

by Amber Hestla | October 29, 2019
Maximize Your Gains In A Bear Market With This Income Strategy

This covered call strategy can be very lucrative during bear market periods, but only if you know what you're doing. Learn more...

by Profitable Trad... | October 28, 2019
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The Most Shocking Chart You'll Ever See

It's no secret that investing in dividend payers is a proven long-term strategy. But until you actually see the numbers... look at the charts with your own eyes... it's easy to forget.

by Brad Briggs | October 28, 2019
One Of The Best Ways To Profit From Volatility

Volatility isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, here's a way you can take advantage -- without even having to pick whether a stock will move up or down...

by Profitable Trad... | October 25, 2019
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The 4 Economic Moats That Create Big-Time Winners

If you've been reading my investment commentary for long, then you know that I place a great deal of importance on economic moats. Here are the four most common types...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 25, 2019
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The One Critical Lesson Most Income Investors Ignore

It's a mistake that income investors make all too often when they buy "bargain" stocks. Before you even think about buying shares of another cheap stock, read this first...


by Nathan Slaughter | October 24, 2019
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3 Important Charts You Need To See

We're getting some market data that may suggest we're at an economic turning point. But even so, I'm still bullish. Here's why...

by Amber Hestla | October 24, 2019
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Why You'll Never Get Rich In The Market (Until You Do This...)

Too often, average investors become mesmerized by the market's hysteria in search of the one winner that will rain money on them for life. Here's what to do instead.

by Jimmy Butts | October 23, 2019
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3 Stocks That Could Hike Dividends In November

I've found three companies that could hike their dividends in November. For a full list and detailed analysis, read on...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 23, 2019