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This May Be Your Best Investing Move Of 2013 (But You Have To Hurry)

You could save $60,000 or more by making this one change -- but if you wait too long, then you could miss your chance.

by Sara Glakas | January 25, 2013
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Forget Apple, These Tech Giants Could Soar in the Next Month

The rotten reaction to Apple's earnings stood in stark contrast to two other tech bellwethers -- one old school and one new school.

by Jim Woods | January 25, 2013
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Traders Could Score Double-Digit Profits in 4-6 Weeks With This Stock

One of the best investments in the 21st century has been professional sports teams. And a recent IPO allows traders to buy a stock that could be a steady gainer for years to come.

by Michael J. Carr | January 24, 2013
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Why I Still Think McDonald's Is a 'Buy'

This burger joint's shares may be right where they were eight months ago, but the value has continued to build the whole time.

by James Brumley | January 24, 2013
My Favorite Way to Profit From the International Real Estate Boom

This investment offers income, growth and diversification, key ingredients in every successful portfolio. Details here...

by Admin Admin | January 24, 2013
The 5 Highest-Yielding Utility Stocks in the S&P 500

After an especially challenging 2012, high-yielding utility stocks may be poised for a rebound. Here is a look at the industry's top five yielders. 

by Lisa Springer | January 24, 2013
Income Investors Could Almost Double Their Yield With This Trade

In a low interest rate environment, income investors need to adapt to profit. This relatively low-risk strategy could give traders a big income boost.

by Admin Admin | January 23, 2013
2 "Risk-On" Stocks That Could Easily Double In 2013

If you are aching to take a big risk, then these stocks could fit the bill.

by Admin Admin | January 23, 2013
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Profit From a Company That Owns "Irreplaceable Assets"

See why this high-yield stock is a perfect holding for safety-first investors seeking reliable income and steady long-term growth.

by Jay Peroni | January 23, 2013
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The 8 Safest High-Yield Stocks in the S&P 500

Investors searching for yield in stocks need to pay close attention to this key metric.

by Michael Vodicka | January 23, 2013