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5 Reasons Cisco is My Top Tech Pick for 2013

Lots of little changes, billions in cash flow and a massive buyback plan could make this one of the best stocks to own for 2013.

by David Sterman | March 12, 2013
The Safest Dividends in the S&P 500

Modest payouts leave these companies with plenty of cash to grow the dividend and even cover payments during hard times.

by Lisa Springer | February 15, 2013
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Forget Apple, This Rival Is a Much Better Bargain

This long-forgotten tech star is starting to regain relevance and drawing back the attention of many investors. Here's the story...

by David Sterman | February 15, 2013
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Technicals Signaling This Undervalued Stock is a 'Buy'

When stocks are in a bull market and both of these indicators are bullish, this setup tends to provide a low-risk entry point.

by Michael J. Carr | February 15, 2013
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These Companies Could Help Microsoft Become a Growth Stock Again

It's time to put some of its $66 billion net cash to work. Here's a look at how Microsoft could regain growth traction in the tech world.

by David Sterman | February 14, 2013
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This "Dividend Vault" Stock Has Raised its Dividend for 49 Consecutive Years

Even as the global economy has gone through peaks and valleys, this consumer staple company has managed to raise dividends for almost half a century.

by Jay Peroni | February 14, 2013
Get Paid While You Wait for a Recovery in This $5 Stock

"Cheap" is a relative term, but with the downside risk of zero and unlimited upside potential, I'd say this stock qualifies.

by Alan Knuckman | February 14, 2013
Shares of This Transformed American Icon are Set to Take Off

This left-for-dead sector is seeing an astounding rebound. And with its biggest player releasing earnings tomorrow, you should enter a position today

by Admin Admin | February 13, 2013
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This Global Mining Giant Is Spending $9 Billion to Get Into the Energy Business

It already owns a world-class portfolio of assets, including the world's largest gold mine. And now, it's getting into the energy business.

by Nathan Slaughter | February 13, 2013
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10 Highly-Anticipated Tech IPOs for 2013

A strong stock market is setting the stage for building an IPO pipeline. Here are 10 small tech firms ripe for an IPO in the coming months.

by David Sterman | February 12, 2013