How To Leverage an Upward Price Move While Limiting Risk

If you've ever wanted to juice your returns while limiting the amount of money you rick, then this is the strategy for you...

by Profitable Trad... | July 15, 2019
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It's Time To 'Moneyball' Your Portfolio

To most investors, especially those who consider themselves value investors, this strategy probably sounds ridiculous -- but the results are astounding. 


by Brad Briggs | July 15, 2019
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What A Fed Rate Cut Means For Our Portfolio...

The market is now pricing in a 100% probability of a cut when the Fed meets at the end of the month. Here's what that means for our portfolio...

by Genia Turanova | July 12, 2019
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4 Time-Tested, Proven Ways To Actually Beat The Stock Market

Investors who keep these four investing rules in mind collect higher dividend yields and consistently beat the S&P 500. Learn them here...

by Nathan Slaughter | July 12, 2019
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My Market-Beating System Found A Stock Peter Lynch Would Love

Let's search for companies that meet Lynch's investing principles and then run them through my Maximum Profit system...

by Jimmy Butts | July 11, 2019
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3 Small-Cap Growth Stocks Trading For A Bargain

Today's stock screen is all about bargains. I've found three deals that growth investors will love...

by Genia Turanova | July 11, 2019
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I Think We're Headed For A Sharp Rally. Here's Why...

I recently ran through a little exercise with my premium readers, looking at the potential upside in the stock market. And I'd like to share it with you...

by Amber Hestla | July 10, 2019
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7 Do's And Dont's Of Successful Investing

These seven habits separate income investors who crush the market from those who get crushed by it.

by Nathan Slaughter | July 10, 2019
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We're Up Big On This Pick -- And We're Holding For More

Today, I want to tell you about a pick my subscribers and I are profiting from right now, thanks to our proven system.

by Jimmy Butts | July 09, 2019
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I'm Buying More Of This Unloved High-Yield Stock...

We spotted a stock that was so unloved and oversold that we just had to buy. And while we love collecting the 5% yield it's paying, the stock price itself has yet to rebound. Here's why that's about to change...

by Nathan Slaughter | July 09, 2019