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Dodge the Next Market Meltdown With These Unique Funds

Are you nervous the next market correction is just around the corner? If you bought one of these unique funds, you wouldn't have lost a wink of sleep. They didn't lose any ground during the last downturn and are entering what could be one of their most profitable periods -- ever.

by Amy Calistri | October 01, 2009
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Mergers Are Set to Explode -- Don't Miss This Chance

A few highly publicized deals have grabbed the headlines lately, but these buyouts are just the beginning. Conditions are prime for a boom in mergers and acquisitions. Here's what investors need to know about this trend.

by Brad Briggs | September 25, 2009
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A Word of Caution About These Endangered Investments

The feds have decided to take aim at these popular investment vehicles. Here's what you need to know about these securities in order to avoid a loss holding them in your portfolio.

by Nathan Slaughter | September 10, 2009
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September: Bad for Stocks, Great for this Investment

The average return for stocks during September is -1%. Here's how to ward off those losses and ink an average +8% gain this month.

by Francisco Bermea | September 08, 2009
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Do You Own One of the 10 Most-Hated Stocks On Wall Street?

Investors are placing massive bets against these 10 S&P 500 companies. Make sure you don't own these stocks -- my research is telling me they're about to plummet.

by Andy Obermueller | August 06, 2009
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Brokers Ban New Kind of "Dangerous" ETF

If you're one of the millions of Americans who own these leveraged funds, then it's time to get out.  They're coming under fire from financial authorities, and regulators say they're no longer suitable for individual investors.  Don't get caught holding these ETFs.

by Kyle Hartman | July 31, 2009
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This Company is Next in Line for Bankruptcy

This widely-held stock runs an outdated business with a shrinking customer base. It's only a matter of time before the company goes belly-up. Make sure you don't get caught holding this stock.

by Meredith Margrave | July 22, 2009
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Biogen Looks Better Than Ever as a Takeover Target

The company exceeded analyst expectations and posted a +10% increase in revenue. Corporate raider, Carl Icahn, may take advantage of a retiring chairman to put Biogen on the block.

by Brad Briggs | July 16, 2009
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Harley Davidson Shares Aren't Going to Win Off the Line

Milwaukee's most notable company failed to meet analyst expectations of a quarter per share instead earning just eight cents a share. Despite short term setbacks, Harley Davidson shares could be a solid addition for long term investors.

by Anthony Haddad | July 16, 2009
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Johnson & Johnson Still Undervalued After Beating the Street

Johnson & Johnson beat Wall Street with earnings of $1.15 per share today. The world’s largest healthcare company has been buying other firms with new drugs for its product line and is trading at a historically-low valuation.

by Brad Briggs | July 14, 2009