Energy & Commodities

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Is This Agriculture Trade Ready To Break Higher?

Using this unique income strategy, you can benefit from one commodity's near-guaranteed price spike without worrying about undue risk. Learn more here. 

by Joseph Hogue | April 28, 2015
2 Ways To Avoid Missing Out On The Energy Rebound

Whether you're a conservative investor or a contrarian able to stomach risk, you stand to make double-digit gains in this beaten-down sector.

by Michael Kahn | April 16, 2015
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As Oil Firms Merge, This Company Profits

Soon, low oil prices should send distressed energy companies scrambling to make deals in an attempt to survive. Here's the firm that many will be turning to for expertise...

by Tim Begany | April 14, 2015
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How To Generate High Returns In A Risky Sector... Without Losing Your Shirt

Investors can use this strategy to take advantage of the high returns in the uncertain oil market while avoiding most of the risk.

by Joseph Hogue | April 14, 2015
An Oil Trade That Could Make You 24% In 8 Weeks

A basing pattern signals it could be time for a contrarian play in an oil services stock that is on the verge of a breakout.

by Michael Kahn | April 08, 2015
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Has Icahn Outsmarted Short Sellers With This Oil Bet?

Legendary investor Carl Icahn recently beefed up his position in one battered oil and gas stock by $93 million. Was he right, or have the short sellers got this stock pegged

by Tim Begany | April 02, 2015
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High Debt, Low Cash: 3 Oil Buyout Candidates

These three companies may have to rely on being bought by a larger rival in order to remain in business. Here are three bargains to take a position in before the big players come calling.

by Joseph Hogue | March 26, 2015
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My Plan To Turn An 11% Move Into 69% Gains

There's a huge disconnect in the market right now... and it has created an even bigger opportunity.

by Jared Levy | March 18, 2015
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Buck The Crowd With These Gold ETFs

Gold prices have slumped, but several catalysts can support sharply higher prices for the yellow metal this year. Details here.

by Tim Begany | March 17, 2015
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The Company Profiting From Russia's Failing Economy

Russia is in deep trouble, and it's having to sell valuable assets to raise much needed cash. This company is more than happy to oblige.

by Joseph Hogue | March 10, 2015