Growth Investing

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5 Crucial Crypto Happenings For October

The crypto craze is like the gold rush in that prospectors have the potential for vast wealth, but crushing hazards loom around every bend.

by David Goodboy | October 19, 2018
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6 High-Yield Stocks That Will Help You Survive The Next Downturn

Concerned that the recent market turbulence might intensify into a full-blown correction? These picks can help you weather the storm...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 19, 2018
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How The "Traitorous Eight" Led To My Next Pick...

I doubt you've heard their story, but the revolution they started is still happening. And I've found the perfect stock in the center of it all...

by Jimmy Butts | October 18, 2018
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The Overlooked, Highly Profitable Businesses Everyone Should Own

These businesses are durable, essential, and protected. And they earn far more cash than they burn.

by Nathan Slaughter | October 16, 2018
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My 3 Favorite Risky Investments

These three stocks may be high-risk, but the high-return potential is there.

by Joseph Hogue | October 15, 2018
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Why Texas Instruments Is A Buy

The stock has performed brilliantly, outpacing the S&P 500 by more than 2-to-1. Here's why I think it can continue its momentum.

by Richard Robinson | October 11, 2018
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Is Now The Time For Cannabis Stocks?

I've been avoiding addressing the issue of pot stocks, but today I finally give my take.

by Jimmy Butts | October 11, 2018
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Why The Midterm Elections Have Me Worried...

While I hate talking politics, the current political climate could have serious implications for the market if it gets any worse.

by Jared Levy | October 10, 2018
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The Most Important Revolution Of Our Lifetime?

This "megatrend" is going to change everything...

by Dr. Thomas Carr | October 09, 2018
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Analysts Expect These Tech Stocks To Crush Earnings

One of my favorite tools for finding big winners has turned up three stocks worth a further look...

by Dr. Thomas Carr | October 04, 2018