Income Investing

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The Most Shocking Chart You'll Ever See

It's no secret that investing in dividend payers is a proven long-term strategy. But until you actually see the numbers... look at the charts with your own eyes... it's easy to forget.

by Brad Briggs | October 28, 2019
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The 4 Economic Moats That Create Big-Time Winners

If you've been reading my investment commentary for long, then you know that I place a great deal of importance on economic moats. Here are the four most common types...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 25, 2019
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The One Critical Lesson Most Income Investors Ignore

It's a mistake that income investors make all too often when they buy "bargain" stocks. Before you even think about buying shares of another cheap stock, read this first...


by Nathan Slaughter | October 24, 2019
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3 Stocks That Could Hike Dividends In November

I've found three companies that could hike their dividends in November. For a full list and detailed analysis, read on...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 23, 2019
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How To Get Sky-High Payouts, Without The Risk...

Ever wonder how you can earn 6%, 7%, or more in this low-rate environment and still not have to worry about volatile stocks? Learn more...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 22, 2019
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How To Double Your Dividend Income Without Lifting A Finger

The key to earning a reliable and growing stream of income isn't rocket science. But you do need to know this one trick...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 17, 2019
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How To Get A Lifetime Of Income Growth And Capital Gains

You could buy them and hold for the rest of your life. And while you do, they shower you with bigger and bigger dividends year in and year out...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 11, 2019
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An Update On My "Risky" High-Yield Turnaround Pick

The stock has rallied, and some good news gives reason to be optimistic. Here's why there could still be triple-digit upside (plus income) in store for investors willing to take on the risk...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 10, 2019
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How The Saudi Oil Attack Affects My High-Yield Turnaround Pick

If the situation gets any worse, higher prices will stimulate spending on oilfield drilling and exploration, giving a much-needed shot of adrenaline to this pick...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 08, 2019
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4 Reasons Why You Should Love Monthly Dividend Payers

Investments that pay a dividend every month aren’t a hard sell. After all, who doesn’t want a little extra monthly income to help tackle the monthly bills?

by Nathan Slaughter | October 07, 2019