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The Ten Worst Countries to Invest In

We apply our proprietary rating system to find the Top Ten countries investors' dollars should never visit. The results may surprise you.

by Anthony Haddad | July 15, 2009
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The Top Ten Countries to Invest in Right Now

We take a look at the best spots in the world to invest. Our research has led us to some very surprising results.

by Anthony Haddad | July 13, 2009
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Still No Budget in California, But Its Bonds Look Tempting

The California budget crisis is reaching full steam. With a $26 billion budget deficit, many see the risk of default as very real. But I doubt the state is going under, and with its bond prices falling, I am starting to look very hard at California municipal bonds -- and their 10% tax-equivalent yields.

by Andy Obermueller | July 11, 2009
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The Silver Lining to a Falling Dollar

The U.S. national debt sits at more than $11 trillion dollars -- double its total from just 10 years ago. That's so much debt that some are questioning the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency.

But there is a silver lining for income investors. This massive spending, combined with movement out of U.S. Treasuries, is going to take its toll on the dollar, and international income investors could reap the rewards in the form of higher dividends. Read on to see just how much a falling dollar can boost your income stream.

by Carla Pasternak | June 24, 2009
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Protect Your Portfolio with These All-Weather Securities

President Harry Truman once said he wanted to hire a one-armed economist. When asked why, he replied, so the economist couldn't say "on the other hand." For Barack Obama, finding a one-armed economist is even more pressing. Obama is faced with deciding which limb of the three-armed monster--deflation, inflation or stagflation--could be most damaging to the nation's well-being. Unfortunately, we income investors face the same dilemma.

by Carla Pasternak | May 28, 2009
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With Average Yields up to 13%, You Need International Stocks to Bolster Your Income

It's a little-known fact. The United States is one of the worst places to look for high yielding companies. While you still can find many excellent high-yield opportunities on American soil, unless you're looking abroad, you're missing out on the world's best high-income stocks.

by Amy Calistri | April 20, 2009
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The Rarest Security on Earth Carries an Average 17.2% Dividend Yield

Are you looking for a way to grow $10,000 into $35,598? How about the opportunity to turn $25,000 into $88,994? These knock-out returns are available from a rare security that combines stocks and bonds. Only eight of them exist. In this article, Carla Pasternak, editor of StreetAuthority's High-Yield Investing, explains what these securities are and how they work. The only question remaining is this: Why aren't they juicing the returns in your portfolio?

by Carla Pasternak | April 13, 2009
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A Defensive South American Beer Monopoly Offering Steady Growth

This company has a loyal following, a giant market share, a healthy yield, and best of all... it's still growing. Right now, it's without a doubt my favorite defensive play. It brews beer and distributes soft drinks in two of South America's most dynamic economies, Chile and Argentina.

by Amy Calistri | April 02, 2009
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Shake Hands with the U.S. Government

The ailing banking sector has been lent and guaranteed trillions of dollars of your tax money to keep them from going bankrupt.  Luckily, there is a way for you to get it back.  Carla Pasternak--editor of High-Yield Investing --  has uncovered high-yielding securities that are implicitly backed by the government...consider this your bailout.

by Carla Pasternak | March 14, 2009
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High-Yield Government-Backed Debt

With tax rates rising, municipal bonds are looking more attractive than ever.  There is one  bond fund in particular that looks especially promising.  And if you act now, you can lock in high-yields, protect your portfolio from the tax man and have the peace of mind that the underlying securities are backed by the government.

by Carla Pasternak | March 14, 2009