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4 Stocks That Could Hike Dividends In April

I've found four companies that could hike their dividends in April. For a full list and detailed analysis, go here...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 27, 2019
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How To Become A Digital Landlord

Is it possible to hitch your portfolio to one of the most explosive corners of the market and still rake in lofty yields twice the market average? Turns out there is...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 26, 2019
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A Unique Way To Earn Rental Income

This low-key rental business has outperformed high-rise office towers, busy retail developments, and other properties for the past 15 years. Here's how to invest...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 25, 2019
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We're Up BIG On This High-Yielder. And It's Still A Buy...

With record cash flows, new growth projects, and strong energy prices, this long-term winner is still worth a look today...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 21, 2019
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I'm Buying The Most Enduring Income Asset Of All Time

In some ways you could say it's the "original" asset. And in these uncertain times and choppy market conditions, I can't think of anything better to own...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 19, 2019
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Why You Should Buy The Most Hated Company On The Planet

This is one of the most controversial recommendations I've ever made. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you about it...

by Jimmy Butts | March 18, 2019
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The Good News About Dividends That Will Surprise You

We know dividends are good for income seekers, but the data tells us a completely story -- they're also one of your bests for big-time gains. Here's the proof...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 08, 2019
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This Energy Giant Is Still A 'Buy'

After a blowout fourth quarter, the outlook for this energy giant has never looked better...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 04, 2019
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Income Investing Questions Answered: Which Yield Is Correct?

It's one of the most common questions I get from readers -- and it can make a huge difference in your portfolio. Let's break it down for everybody...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 01, 2019
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Big Oil Is Back. Now, Let's Get A Piece Of The Pie...

Oil prices have rebounded, and producers are smarter (and more profitable) than ever. Here's my plan to profit from a record $425 billion in spending this year...

by Nathan Slaughter | February 28, 2019