Income Investing

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These 4 Stocks Could Hike Dividends In February

I've found four companies that could hike their dividends in February. For a full list and detailed analysis, go here...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 25, 2019
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How To Find Upside In Downside

The simplest, most effective way to manage downside capture is to own dividend-paying stocks. Here's why

by Adam Fischbaum | January 23, 2019
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Why ExxonMobil Is A Buy-And-Hold Stock

While the stock is off its recent lows, the current price still presents an attractive entry point for long-term investors. The reason why is simple

by Richard Robinson | January 22, 2019
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Here's The Right Way To Think About The Market Right Now...

The way a famous economist (and very successful trader) described the market will come in handy in this current climate. Learn more...

by Amber Hestla | January 16, 2019
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Open Letter To Larry Culp, GE’s New CEO

Retirement expert Dennis Miller writes to the GE head honcho, explaining what needs to be done to right the ship...

by Dennis Miller | January 15, 2019
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5 Retail Stocks That Look Like Bargains

Despite strong consumer spending, retail stocks got caught in the recent market drop. That means these retailers could be a real bargain...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 11, 2019
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An Exclusive Interview With Our No. 1 'Risk' Expert

Avoiding devastating losses is of utmost importance. I'd like to hone in on one of our analysts who's done a better job at this than just about anyone...

by Brad Briggs | January 08, 2019
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The Perfect Way To Protect Your Portfolio In This Market

We may be in a range-bound market. That's perfect for this strategy, which lets you protect your holdings -- and earn extra income...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 04, 2019
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Solid Dividend Payers For 2019

Retirement guru Dennis Miller picks the brain of income investing expert Tim Plaehn. Here's what Plaehn had to say...

by Dennis Miller | January 03, 2019
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Top 5 Income Stocks For 2019 (And Beyond)

Consider adding one or more of these dividend-paying stocks to your long-term portfolio...

by David Goodboy | December 28, 2018