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Here's What Worries Me About Boeing...

The news is tragic, and I don't want to make light of the situation. But from an investment perspective, history shows that problems in a single company can spark a significant decline in an overvalued market. 

by Amber Hestla | March 15, 2019
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How We're Avoiding Buffett's Billion-Dollar Mistake

The last time Warren Buffett made a big investment in energy, it cost him billions. Here's what we can learn from his mistake, and why I think now is the time to strike...

by Jimmy Butts | March 14, 2019
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The ONE Rule Every Great Investor Follows (No Matter What)

You've heard me talk about this time and time again, but so have some of the most successful investors in history. Here's why they think it's so important...

by Jimmy Butts | March 12, 2019
This Stock-Ranking System Is Proven To Deliver Market-Beating Returns

This indicator allows traders to compare the performance of an investment against all other investments in the market.

by Profitable Trad... | March 11, 2019
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It's Time To Say 'Goodbye' To Buy-And-Hold Investing

A revealing interview with our momentum investing expert.

by Brad Briggs | March 11, 2019
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The 12 Traits Of A World-Class Investment

I urge you to print this list. Put it next to your computer and refer to it before you buy any stock. There's little doubt it will make you a better investor.

by Jimmy Butts | March 08, 2019
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The Good News About Dividends That Will Surprise You

We know dividends are good for income seekers, but the data tells us a completely story -- they're also one of your bests for big-time gains. Here's the proof...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 08, 2019
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Why You Should Always Keep Investing Simple

This is a time-tested strategy, and Warren Buffett is living proof that it works.

by Jimmy Butts | March 07, 2019
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How To Learn From My (Expensive) Mistake

I broke nearly every rule I've been recommending for years. And it cost me dearly. Here's how you can avoid making the same mistake...

by Jimmy Butts | March 04, 2019
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Income Investing Questions Answered: Which Yield Is Correct?

It's one of the most common questions I get from readers -- and it can make a huge difference in your portfolio. Let's break it down for everybody...

by Nathan Slaughter | March 01, 2019