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Get Paid To Play Defense -- The Easy Way

Covered call options are a great way to enhance income and reduce risk. Not comfortable trading options? That's OK -- there's still a way to participate...

by Nathan Slaughter | January 07, 2019
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Yes, I'm Worried About The Market. Here's Why...

It's possible the market will bounce back. But I'm worried, and I will continue to worry as long as prices continue to reflect an irrational optimism...

by Amber Hestla | December 11, 2018
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This 'Chaos Trade' Could Save Your Portfolio From The Unthinkable...

We hope we're wrong. But if we're right, you're gonna need it...

by Brad Briggs | September 25, 2018
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Never Pay Full Price For A Stock Again

This Buffett-approved stock-buying strategy will allow you to buy at a discount -- or get paid for trying

by David Goodboy | September 12, 2018
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The Options Guru With A 90.9 Percent Win-Rate

Contrary to popular belief, options are not solely the playground of risky traders looking to make a quick buck.

by Brad Briggs | August 28, 2018
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What A Former Mob Associate Taught Me About Trading

While I don't lie, cheat, or steal, I do go the extra length to stack the odds in my favor by layering on as much "edge" as I can in every trade.

by Jared Levy | August 15, 2018
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Forget Stocks And Bonds, This Is Where The Real Income Is

This alternative income strategy has regular investors generating thousands of dollars a month.

by Amber Hestla | June 15, 2018
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We Could Make 52% From Cisco In 7 Months Or Less

Why settle for the company's (still impressive) 10% gain when you can grab five times more?

by Jared Levy | June 04, 2018
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Do This, And You May Never Want To Buy A Stock Again...

OK, I know this isn’t what I normally do. And yes, it might sound a bit extreme. But this is so important we need to talk about it.

by Jimmy Butts | March 20, 2018
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5 Ways To Short Bitcoin

If you think Bitcoin is overvalued and will soon fall, consider using a portion of your risk capital to enter shorts.

by David Goodboy | March 09, 2018