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High-Yield Investing

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Nathan Slaughter

High-Yield Investing is dedicated to bringing income investors the highest-paying and most stable stocks, bonds and funds on the market.

Each issue is filled with a bevy of income choices yielding 8%... 10%... even 12% or more!

Industry veteran Nathan Slaughter goes out of his way to find the income investments that no one else is talking about. And with Nathan's conservative nature, not only do investors read about some of the highest-yielders around, but they'll also know they're some of the safest high-yield plays on the market today.

Fast-Track Millionaire

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Andy Obermueller

Fast-Track Millionaire is a service for millionaires and investors who want to become millionaires -- those who are eager to make bold, aggressive plays that will add significant digits to their portfolio balances.

The stocks Andy Obermuller features in Fast-Track Millionaire are the companies your grandchildren will be learning about in history class. In order to merit consideration for investment, a pick must have the potential to deliver massive gains -- ideally, 1,000%. 

We're talking about special opportunities that you simply cannot and will not find anywhere else.

Top Stock Advisor

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Jimmy Butts

The mission of Top Stock Advisor is to identify an elite group of indispensable stocks -- stocks expressly designed to function as core holdings for nearly every investor's portfolio. It constructed to consistently outperform the market, without exposing investors to unnecessary risk or churn.

We've enlisted one of our top experts, Jimmy Butts, to help you build a core portfolio to consistently grow your wealth. Every month he will bring you his top picks and latest market analysis.

Scarcity & Real Wealth

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Nathan Slaughter

Nathan Slaughter's Scarcity & Real Wealth aims to profit from the producers and processors of the rarest and most valuable assets on the planet -- precious metals, energy and other natural resources. 

In Scarcity & Real Wealth, Nathan brings you his best picks across the entire natural resources spectrum, regardless of market cap or geography. One month the biggest investment potential may lie in a mega-cap miner in Australia that's about to benefit from a surge in metal demand from China. The next month Nathan may draw upon his expertise in commodities and spotlight a little-known exploration and development micro-cap in Canada. 

All of Nathan's picks are traded in the United States, making these explosive opportunities readily accessible to investors in North America and elsewhere.


Game-Changing Stocks

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Genia Turanova

Genia Turanova's Game-Changing Stocks is entirely devoted to finding the next big life-changing investing idea. While ordinary media tell you about a discovery once it comes out, Genia spends hundreds of hours researching where the next one is coming from.

If you get in on the ground floor of a promising new trend or technology, the profits that can follow can alter your life forever. Look at any list of big stock winners and you’ll see that they are almost all game-changers.

The Daily Paycheck

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Genia Turanova

Each monthly issue of The Daily Paycheck is loaded with fresh tips to help you reach the goal of receiving a fat dividend check for every day of the month. Chief Investment Strategist Genia Turanova will show you where she is finding the best income opportunities now and will guide you every step of the way.

Maximum Profit

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Jimmy Butts

Maximum Profit is the easiest way to invest using one of the most elite trading systems in the country.

By combining a proven system of technical and fundamental indicators, each issue of Maximum Profit brings you market-beating investments from all market sectors. This strategy has beaten the S&P 500 by an average of 14 percentage points during the past decade and continues to deliver gains up to 189% today.

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