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I made a 31% return in 47 days on the Citigroup 13.5% ELKS Linked to Apple (NYSE: EYJ) that was highlighted in a special edition of High Yield Investing on January 15, 2009. EYJ was a rather thinly traded stock that I would not have considered unless I had read the article.

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I took Nathan's advice in Jan, 2011 and bought 1000 shares of HK. Today I have placed a sell all at market's close for just over 100% gain. Over the years, I've subscribed to several investment advisory services and therefore have a unique perspective on quality of product. Even in this rough volatile economic climate, StreetAuthority's advice has made me a more successful investor. Thanks for the good work. 

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"About a month ago I read High-Yield Investing's recommendation for CPLP, a small tanker company paying a strong 20% dividend. I researched the company and found it to be a well run, profitable concern. I bought in at 8.00 and the stock began to move up! The stock is currently in the high 9.00s and I'm faced with that delicious dilemma of whether I should take my $6,500 dollar profit or be serious about converting to dividends and stick with it. Thanks StreetAuthority!"

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